Exclusive Mixtape for NVR MND by TIM TONIK.

TIM TONIK: “…Another thing about the Mix is that this mix is slightly different to my own mixtape series Future Death Tape. It’s an more Dark Deep Techno – After Hour Set, which should show that my music will become even more darker and deeper. It only includes music i personally prefer and i would play those tracks on afterhour gigs. But I will still continue my FDT series with that dark future techno music. And, I as Tim Tonik will also produce that kind of music , but also that new deep and dark music…”

NVR MND: “Those of you whom I’m speaking of are already activated enough to enjoy this mix. It’s an experiential stain on the minds of those who enjoy a hypnotic & trance like dancing experience. Steam evaporates from the symbols, as the bass of your feet stomping the ground in an ethereal orgasmic tension. Never wanting to stop, as music turns into an alarming of deliberate movements to exhume oneself from their prisons.”


01. Tim Tonik – Deep Dark Drone (Original Mix)
02. HYP.NOS – Grenade (Rezystor Remix)
03. Tonikattitude – Dont Touch My Cocaine (Marika Rossa Remix)
04. Atomic Moog – Rhythm (KMRT Remix)
05. Luix Spectrum – Black White (Jan Fleck Remix)
06. I’GOR – Deathstalker (Original Mix)
07. 2Bee – Preparation For The Attack (Original Mix)
08. Housemeister, Dave Tarrida – YOU GONNA DIG THIS (JoeFarr Remix)
09. Erik S, Matt S – Acid Overdose (Original Mix)
10. Lorenzo D’Ianni, Pedro Delgardo – Nails (Original Mix)
11. Matt Mus, Lexem – Black Shadows (Original Mix)
12. Henry Cullen, Tom Laws – Awakening (Original Mix)
13. Jan Fleck – Turin (Original Mix)
14. Hell Driver – Diesel Power (Original Mix)
15. Hombre Ombre, Diatek – Masochism Love (Original Mix)
16. Ronny Vergara – Mood (Original Mix)
17. A.Paul – Departure (Original Mix)
18. Clouds – Chained To A Dead Camel (Original Mix)
19. Niereich vs Hackler And Kuch – Tllive (Andreas Kramer Mix)
20. Tim Tonik – Sound of Silence (Preview)